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Popular TikTok Couple At The Center Of Murder Investigation

Two 23-year-olds from Huntsville, Ala., face life prison sentences plus five years after their conviction in the death of a 28-year-old Rossville man, District Attorney Clay Fuller said.

Sentencing for Eric Dodds and Johntae Collier will be June 29 at 1 p.m. at the courthouse in LaFayette. A Walker County jury last week found them guilty of felony murder and other charges in the shooting death of Dakota Bradshaw.

DA Fuller said the victim "was gunned down in a senseless act of violence" at his home on E. Peachtree Street. He was shot as he stood by a window.

He said such violence might be tolerated in Chicago (where he said 50 were shot and 10 killed over the Memorial Day weekend), Manhattan or Portland, but not in Walker County.

The DA said Dakota Bradshaw "always had a smile on his face. He graduated near the top of his class and was hoping for a career in cybersecurity."

GBI Agent Joe Montgomery called it "a complex case with defendants in two different states" other than where the killing occurred. He and Sheriff Steve Wilson praised the cooperation on the part of law enforcement and the long hours worked.

Officials said the investigation involved over 70 search warrants and numerous hours poring over social media posts involving the suspects. Several cellphones were also examined, it was stated.

At an earlier preliminary hearing, GBI Agent Daniel Nicholson said Ms. Collins had revealed details about what happened that August afternoon. He said the group had come to Rossville to retrieve a blue Dodge Challenger that was registered under Collier’s name.

He said Ms. Collins had been directed to drive off with the Challenger, which was on the Bradshaw property. He said Ms. Collins drove with the others to the scene in a red truck.

She related that Dodds was highly emotional and was “crying in rage.” She said he was carrying a rifle. Authorities said while they’re still unsure of who exactly pulled the trigger, they are very much aware of the couple’s online presence. Sheriff Wilson went on to say that the investigation is still very much ongoing. He asked anyone else with information regarding the crime to come forward.

Ms. Collins said she heard four-to-five gunshots as she ran over to the Challenger, it was testified. At sentencing they could receive as much as life in prison without the possibility of parole, it was stated.

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