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Elon Musk Wonders if People 'Should Spend Less Time on Social Media' then Implodes Twitter

In October, Elon Musk made a significant purchase of Twitter for $44 billion. However, this does not necessarily indicate his unwavering confidence in the benefits of social media. In response to a tweet highlighting the negative impact of "anti-social tendencies" leading to increased isolation, Musk suggested that perhaps we should reduce our time spent on social media.

The tweet Musk was responding to referred to a study from 2021, which revealed a decline in people's social networks over the past three decades, particularly among men. Interestingly, despite his acquisition of Twitter, Musk remains an avid user of the platform. The exchange mentioned took place after midnight on a Thursday, and by 9 a.m., he was already tweeting again. Before purchasing Twitter, he had been tweeting an average of one tweet per hour in November 2022, and this frequency increased even further after the acquisition. Most of his Twitter activity consisted of replies and retweets, both before and after becoming the owner of the platform.

Musk's reflections on social media usage may not appear inconsistent, considering his high-profile ownership of Twitter. In the past, he expressed a desire to break the habit of checking his phone first thing in the morning and instead opted for a 20-minute workout before indulging in his digital device, as stated on a podcast in 2022.

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